Source: The Hindu; Author: Vidya Saranyan

Young Chitra Laxman’s recital for Brahma Gana Sabha at the Sivagami Petachi Auditorium, exuded her joy and confidence while taking the stage. A 10 Grade student who is a resident of Detroit, U.S, Chitra has trained under Srekala Bharath. Chitra’s ability to execute pure dance sections fluidly went hand in hand with her creditable ability to communicate poetic niceties. Further, her multi-hued costume added to the overall peppy feel. The evening’s repertoire was a blend of traditional and contemporary compositions. Following the introductory Thodaya Mangalam, Chitra performed the Vasantha Jatiswaram, a composition of the Thanjavur Quartet. Undoubtedly, the music of these vintage numbers contributed to the requisite weightiness of the dancing.

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Chitra Laxman.