Source: The Hindu; Author: R. K. Radhakriahnan; Photo Courtesy: R.K. Radhakrishnan

“At what point of your dance training can you develop a style of your own,” a student asked Bharatanatyam exponent Alarmel Valli at an interaction here on Friday. The elaborate answer’s crux was that timing depended on the person, ability, confidence, and creative impulse. “You will know when you are ready,” the dancer said. These and many more questions were thrown at Alarmel Valli, and Carnatic vocalists T.M. Krishna and Unnikrishnan by students and residents of Jaffna, at the interaction spread across two stages, three sessions, and two days.

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Bharatanatyam exponent Alarmel Valli explaining a point as Carnatic vocalist T.M.Krishna listens intently, in Jaffna on Friday. Photo: R.K. Radhakrishnan