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The popularity that Smt.Nityashree Mahadevan commands is for all to see.The very name has such power.Once again the crowds poured in and sat in the Hall,basement and on stage, despite all the bodily inconvenience that they may have faced.There was not an inch of space anywhere.Smt.Nityashreee mahadevan is truely an artiste par excellence and a great human being.She is a person blissfully unaware and unconcerned about her status and her music is a true reflection of the pure soul that she is.’Purity thy name’ is Smt Nityashree Mahadevan.The great lineage that she comes from is one aspect, but the way in which she is carrying it and taking it forward, speaks volumes of her humility and the enviable personality that she is.Yesterday, Smt.Nityashree gave the audience a wonderful platter of gems of Saint Tyagaraja,Swati Tirunal, Deekshitar,Bhadrachala Ramadar and more.The raga selection was fabulous and there was never a dull moment.Right from the varnam in Panthuvarali, followed by brilliant and pleasing ragas like Attana,Bilahari,Dhanyasi,Keeravani etc, the audience was spoilt for choice and Smt.Nityashree unleashed in front of all her prowess as a musician who has established her own style and a place in the field of carnatic music.In the true spirit of Independance, Smt.Nithyashree sang very thoughtfully Vetri Ettu dikkum in Mohanam and Yengal naadukendha Naadu eedu in Sindhu Bhairavi.She was accompanied wonderfully by seasoned accompanists like BU Ganesh Prasad on the violin, Neyveli Sri.Skandasubramaniam on the mridangam and Sri.Omkar on the ghatam.The trio were at their energetic best and helped enliven the concert.

Details of the concert:

1.Samininne Namminanu(Varnam)–Panthuvarali
2.Bhajana Seyaradha–Attana
3.Gopalaka pahimama–Reva Gupti
4.Sree kamakshi Sree Varalakshmi–Bilahari
5.Kanaka Sabhapathi Darishanam Kandaal–Dhanyasi
6.Narayana Yenniro–Jingala
7.Sobillu Sapta Swara–Jaganmohini
8.Kaligiunte Kadha–Keeravani(main)
9.O rama nee naama–Poorvi kalyani
10.Narayana Hari –Ananda Bhairavi-,Bhageshwari and Sama
(Composition of Mangalam Ganapathi)
11.Muruganai Kaana Aayiram Kann Vendum–Karnataka Devagandhari
12.Narajanma Bandaaga–Basanth
13.Vetri Ettu Dikkum Etta–Mohanam
14.Yengal Naadukendha naadu eedu–Sindhu bhairavi
15.Tillana–(Bhoopalam,Kedaram.Neelamani,Brindavana Saranga)
16.MangalamList compiled by Thangam Mami & Visalam Mami
Photographs by Prakash and Poornima

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