The review below was contributed by a follower –  Susheela Venkataraman.

Sri.Arun began with the familiar Vatapi Ganapathim Bhajeham in Hamsadvani and went on to sing ragas like Gambheeravani and Sarasangi. He connected with the audience by talking in the little interludes .The first half of the concert was dedicated to carnatic compositions and the second half was totally dedicated to abhangs and bhajans, which are a hot favourite among the audience and show what a special bond Sri.Arun shares with them. The euphoria was quite infectious and the audience couldnt contain themselves from clapping and singing Vittal!  Vittal ! alongwith the artiste. Sri.Arun was well supported on the violin by Sri MR Gopinath, who helped the the main artist to reach greater heights . Sri J Vaidyananthan on the mridangam was in his elements as usual and played with great understanding, bringing in the required tempo. The introduction of Sri Ganapanthy on the tabla added value and the concert and was well appreciated by all.

Details of the concert are as below:

First half:

1.Vatapi Ganapathim–hamsadwani


3.Sadamadi galadu gadara– Gambeeravani


5.Nirthamidum Thiru Chitrambalathavarai—-Sarasangi

6.Emiduva Balkuma—Saranga

7.Sreevalli Devasena pathe—NataBhairavi

Second half:

Swagatham Krishna–Mohanam

Begabaaro Begabaaro—Mand

Brindavani Venu–Pattadeep

Takshanameva ganyamanye–Bhoopalam

Anaathache naatha—Vaasanthi

Bhakthajana vatsale–Brindavan saranga

Ram Charan Sukhdaayi—Sindhu Bhairavi

Maiyya Mori  me nahi Maakhan Khayo—Yaman Kalyani

Asai Mugam Marande poche–Jonpuri

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