The review below was contributed by a follower –  Susheela Venkataraman.

On a rainy evening it is always a tussle between the mind and the heart , where the heart always wins and it is just impossible to even imagine missing a concert of Sri.Sanjay Subramaniam. Yesterday was yet another brilliant concert.Sri Sanjay came in his usual crisp white get up, ( accompanying artistes too in the same get up ) oozing with confidence and just took over the stage. The power packed music that flowed there after was as pure and traditional as it could be. The choice of ragas was perfect. Starting with the ata tala varnam in mohanam, he gave the audience a wonderful platter full of excellent ragas, kritis and a few unusual pieces too. Sanjay always believes that the audience should be given new songs and not always sing their requisitions alone. Music is an ocean and a musician of his capacity has the responsibility to bring all those wonderful gems to the stage and  expose the rasikas to many such wonderful compositions. We are blessed to have artistes who are so focussed and who ably carry the mantle of carnatic music so well on their able shoulders and move it several notches higher. Sri.Varadarajan on the violin played impeccably. Sri.Neyveli Venkatesh on the mridangam and Sri.Karthick on the ghatam  were at their energetic best and gave a wonderful impetus to the concert. The chemistry that they shared on stage was wonderful to watch.

Details of the concert:

1.Manamohana( Ata taala Varnam)—Mohanam

2.Yochana Kamala lochana–Darbar

3.Kshitija ramanam Chintaye—Devagandhari

4.Maamavasada Varade—Natakurunji

5.Indu Sruti Smriti Galasi–Kosalam


7.Muvvasai Konda Thirumaan–KharaKharapriya

8.Iniyenna Pechirikkudu—Sahana

9.RTP(Sobillu Saptaswara)——–Jaganmohini

Went on to a ragamalika singing Kapi,Valachi,Kalyana Vasantham,Ranjani,Churutti

10.Karunanidhidhan Kunj Ke Bihari–Charukesi

11.Aadum Chidambaram–Behag

12.Maavoorvalam Peruga—Sindhu Bhairavi