Sri Tyagaraja Swami

K.N.Shashikiran, founder of Carnatica writes for Deccan Chronicle about Saint Tyagaraja’s eminence and originality as a composer of music. In this article, he delves into Sri Tyagaraja Swami’s great contribution to the growth of Carnatic music as well as other impor­tant characteristics of his personality. Read the excerpt below or the full article here.

“To iconise Tyagaraja merely as a saint-composer is to belittle his musical stature. Tyagaraja had philosophical and spiritual values. He was a very modern composer, a revolutionary of his times.

His compositions are ideally paced for people at all levels. If one tries singing any of his moderately paced compositions with a metronome, one can observe it follows the pulse rate of a human being!

He has composed many kritis in madhyama kala (standard middle tempo) which can be approximated to 72-80 beats per cycle. For a normal, healthy person, compositions like Manasa Etulorthune, Lavanya Rama, Kalaharana are suited rhythmically. For the stressed, he has composed songs in a faster tempo, averaging 120 or 125 beats per cycle.”