Twaang is an on-demand, mobile music library, for the Android based phones, bringing the best Indian music to your fingertips, featuring a large collection of “Indian” music – Carnatic, Hindustani, Folk, Fusion, Devotional, Live Concert recordings and more!

The whole idea of Twaang happened sometime in March in the midst of Bangalore’s traffic snarls. Vishnu, one of  Twaang’s co-founders forgot his iPod back home and had to settle for the radio when the idea of an app for mobile music struck him. “Its difficult to find good music online and even if you come across them, the quality is not always good” he says.

There are 40,000+ music titles, 5000+ albums, 4000+ artists featured on Twaang . One can listen to their recommended playlists to discover artists you haven’t heard before or search for your favorite song/artist and start discovering a treasure of music. You can also create playlists with your favorite tracks! The app for the iPhone and a version to which you can subscribe to and listen to your favorite song offline, will be available in a year.

Explore, discover and enjoy! Do check out their  Facebook  and Twitter pages too!

Download Twaang here.