Kavitha Rajaram is a domain consultant with a leading IT company. She has shared her tribute to our “Artists of the Month” – Ranjani and Gayatri. You too can get your articles/reviews about Ranjani – Gayatri publshed here. Send a mail to editor@margazhi.org.

My tryst with Carnatic music began 4 years back after a hiatus of 10 years. An essential ingredient in any tamil brahmin’s life, I was introduced to this beautiful art form at a very early age and it continued right up to college. With other priorities like work and family taking precedence, even listening to Carnatic music was put on the backburner.

I was beginning to hear of this duo a few years back, Ranjani-Gayatri whose concerts were always to a packed audience.

My intrigue led me to check some of their songs out on you tube. This was the same duo I had travelled with, during my one of my trips to the U.S some years back. Little did I realize then that I was sharing air space with the acclaimed artists of Carnatic Music.

I was truly spellbound by their rendition of the various musical forms, be it their, sedate and devotional viruthams, innovative Ragam-thanam-pallavis or the toe-tapping abhangs. Having just been exposed to the basic idea of Carnatic music, the repertoire of the sisters opened up a new world of possibilities. And of course, this has led me to listen to and understand the interpretation and presentation of this pristine art form by various other artists.

I have been to several concerts of Ranjani-Gayatri and each time I am truly captivated not only for their eclectic choice of saris, but for their self-effacing presence on stage and for a delivery of a wholesome doze of music catering to a wide section of the audience. For instance, starting off with a traditional varnam to a quick swift ‘ Sarasa Sama Dhana’ in Kapi to a slow paced ‘Manasa Sanchara re’ in Sama to evoking the bhakthi element in ‘Muruganin maru peyar Azhagu’ in behag and reaching a crescendo in’ Bola va Vithala’, one of their famous abhangs, their concerts are nothing short of a block-buster each time.

Personally for me, their music is elevating and soul-stirring and has made a positive influence on my mind. And it’s a sheer pleasure to witness my favorite duo sing time and again!