Source: The Hindu; Author: Anjana Rajan; Photo Courtesy: The Hindu

Margi Madhu and Indu G., together with their son Srihari, represent a transitional face of Koodiyattam, the theatre art of Kerala considered among the most ancient expressional traditions of the world. They balance the gurukula tradition with the realities of institutional training; a deep loyalty to the inherited conventions of the art with the experimental bent of a networked world; and the generational transmission of a family art with the curricular demands of Srihari’s primary schooling. Madhu trained in the art under his father, Moozhikkulam Kochukuttanchakiar, and his paternal uncle, Ammannoor Madhava Chakyar. While he practised Koodiyattam as a boy alongside his school education, he immersed himself full-time into it from the age of 15, becoming, in 1981, the first student at the institution Margi — established by scholar D. Appukkuttan Nair — where Ammanoor Madhava Chakyar was the guru.

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On an expressive note Margi Madhu as Arjuna.