Source:The Hindu; Author:Rupa Srikanth; Photo Courtesy:R.Shivaji Rao

We had  posted earlier  about an event “Soul Cages” . This article is a review of the event.

Savitha Sastry’s ‘Soul Cages’ had splendid production values and a sensitive storyline. There was clearly a mission behind the dance-theatre production ‘Soul Cages’… a mission to engage a wider audience that may not have been exposed to the classical performing arts, especially Bharatanatyam. The strategy was to combine the spoken word, classical music and dance into a palatable, seamless whole. A.K. Srikanth’s story about a soul that carries memories with it to heaven was dramatic and powerful, as was Rajkumar Bharati’s excellent music composition and orchestration and Savitha Sastry’s precision-driven performance.

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Savitha Sastry presents Soul Cages. Photo: R.Shivaji Rao