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TNS Krishna a very young and outstanding performer from Chennai started his concert this year at Bangalore on 20th January,2013 which was organized by the Nadasurabhi academy. Sri.TNS Krishna is the son and disciple of the carnatic music maestro Vidwan TN Seshagopalan. Sri.Krishna, in his concerts, combines the knowledge he has aquired from his father and his own abundant creativity.

TNS Krishna started the concert with the popular Daru Varna of Muthiah Bagavatar ‘Maathe Malayadwaja’ in ‘Kamas’ followed by the ‘hamsadhwani’ song ‘Vinayaka ninnunvina’ with neraval at ‘parama krupa sagara’. It was a highly embellished, energy packed, brilliant concert.  The accompanying artists, C.N. Chandrasekar on violin, B.C. Manjunath on mridangam and M.Gururaj on morsing provided excellent support with lot of understanding and perfect following to add colors to the concert.

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