We at Margazhi, believe art is an important aspect of life. We are delighted to share this article by Meera Srinivasan, where she tells us how schools can integrate art education into their curriculum.

“A group dance performance at the annual day celebrations of a school, a patriotic song on Independence Day, or one play every year – an average school student’s engagement with the arts pretty much stops with these.

While some schools promote individual stars or bands that make a mark in competitions or reality shows, the arts curriculum in schools across Boards is not exciting.

And this is in a city that hosts a grand arts festival, said to be among the largest in the world.

Photo Courtesy: indiaoutsidemywindow.com

It is not as if policy makers and educationists fail to acknowledge that arts education needs to be accorded an important place in school curriculum.

In fact, the National Policy on School Education, 1986, spoke on the need for students to be exposed to diverse cultural and social systems.”

Read the full article here on The Hindu.