Vidya Saranyan reviews the performance of dancer Alarmel Valli. Read excerpt below or read full article in The Hindu where she vividly describes the artist’s presentation of nature through dance.

Photo by V.GANESAN for The Hindu

“Visualisation on Nature flowed thick and fast in the hands of Alarmel Valli. Her stylish presentation transported beautiful streams, crashing thunder and lightning – Mother Nature in both her benign and terrifying forms on the stage. What was noteworthy was the performance correspondingly tucked in significant perceptions on life and its higher meanings, which intensified the mastery of the dancing.

The dancer interlaced Tamil and Sanskrit verses for her opening number tuned into a raagamalika by Rajkumar Bharathi. Sourced from Abhigyana Sakunthalam, Atharva Veda and other treasures as well as the vibrant poetry of Subramanya Bharati, the dancer connected the contrasts besides aspirations for harmony from the Silappadikaram with skill. With ragas beginning from Vasanthi and leading to Aarabi, ‘Yaa Shrishtihi’ covered visuals such as the wind kissing the trees as well as the fragrance of Nature, that enriched the depiction.”