Source: The Hindu

At the Chowdiah Memorial Hall last Saturday, two single strains of light from above intersected on stage; at their meeting sat Murad Ali Khan and his accompanists. With little ceremony and only a murmured “ijazat,” to the audience, the sarangi wizard launched into raga Bihag, a raga well-suited to the late evening.

As we saw through Murad Ali’s opening alaap, Bihag is pure sweetness; its heavy emphasis on the gandhar, particularly, seems to sound an uplifting note of hope. As we ascend the raga, its story unfolds across the notes ga ma pa ni, with the added decoration – what the Hindustani music commentator Rajan Parrikar calls a “soupcon”, a slightest seasoning – of the teevra (sharpened) madhyam. In a moment, in rippled the tabla and sarangi support, to launch the first composition.

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Pure sweetness: Murad Ali, the performer and observer Photo: V. Sreenivasa Murthy