Source: The Hindu; Author: Leela Venkataraman; Photo Courtesy: Kartikeya Saigal

Rama Vaidyanathan’s “Mad and Divine” was a riveting piece of choreography, while the best part of Emily Ghosh’s Kathak recital was her flawless padhant. Kri’s special evening ‘Darshan Darshana’ was dedicated to the just departed Lakshmi Sahgal, a rare woman who fought against the British as an acclaimed soldier of the INA. The programme which followed, in keeping with the theme of unusual women driven by an obsession was Rama Vaidyanathan’s “Mad and Divine” based on the lyrics of two passionate women Jana Bai and Lalded from two regions of India, Maharashtra and Kashmir respectively. First presented in the “Mad and Divine” Festival mounted by Anita Ratnam at Chennai, Rama’s work which has continued to evolve, is one of the most riveting pieces of creativity one has seen lately.

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All poise: Rama Vaidyanathan. Photo: Kartikeya Saigal