Source: The Hindu; Author: G. S. Paul

Monsoon Dance Music Art Fest 2013’ in Thrissur showcased an interesting mélange of dance and music performances.

In a programme that embraced music, movements, mimicry, theatre, poetry and acrobatics, P.K. Sunilkumar, an accomplished percussionist, created a phantasmagoria by playing instruments that belonged to different genres of music drawn from all across the world. The highly reverberating, deep-bass beats on the main drum matched the unprecedented fury of the monsoon outside the Sangeetha Nataka Akademi Theatre. That was ‘Keli’, the traditional announcement of the festival.

Music lovers had a great day when M. Narmadha, accompanied by Fazal Qureshi on the tabla, enthralled them with a sterling performance of Hindustani violin recital – the only music programme in the festival. Dr. Narmadha opened with raga Puriya, bringing out all its shades through Bada khayal in Ek taal (vilambit) and the Chota khayal in Teen Taal (drut).

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Bharatanatyam performance by Shafeekudeen-Shabana in Thrissur. Photo: K.K. Najeeb