Source: The Hindu; Author: Chitra Swaminathan; Photo Courtesy: V. Ganesan

Chitra Visweswaran, the new president of ABHAI, talks about the challenges of bringing Bharatanatyam closer to the audience and opening a window to a larger culture. “I have an emotional connect with ABHAI. I have been with it since its inception (it celebrates its silver jubilee this year) and see it gain a broader vision like the art itself. In the absence of social media and mobile phones, it served as a crucial link then among artistes — an interactive platform and a source of expert guidance. Legendary performers heading ABHAI over the years brought in their own vision to further the purpose of the association,” says Chitra. Chitra is excited about chasing a new dream with a vibrant, young team which has already swung into action.

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RHYTHM OF THE SOUL Chitra Visweswaran Photo: V. Ganesan