Source: The Hindu; Author: Damodar Narayanan; Photo Courtesy: S. Siva Saravanan

K. Omanakutty sang paeans to Swati Tirunal, highlighting the royal composer’s rarely-heard kritis. As a part of Swati Tirunal Jayanti celebrations, a ‘sangeetharchana’ (musical offering) led by K. Omanakutty treated the audience to rare compositions of the prolific royal composer. The illuminating musical journey through Swati compositions, included several padams, thillanas, Navaratri and Utsavaprabandam kritis. Omanakutty, along with Ranjini Varma and Suma, portrayed the nuances and subtleties of the Swati kritis with unerring renditions. Their presentation focussed on the inherent details and qualities in the compositions, and avoided too much manodharma. Thus, in many ways, the concert was a perfect ‘sangeetharchana’ to the great composer.

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