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A truly Indian concert by vocalist OS Arun under the auspices of! Arun’s sense of humour was evident when he announced that the next language would be Telugu and that he has arrived in Andhra Pradesh and added ‘full AP’ in the context of the likely bifurcation.  He took up a Bhadrachalam Ramdas composition ‘Garuda Gamana‘ in Mayamalavagoula and rendered it in a folk style. As it was Margazhi Thiruvadhirai and hence Arudra Darshan, Arun sang a very famous padham “Theruvil Vaarano” of Muthu Thandavar in the ragam Khamas.  I had heard this for the first time at Sikkil Gurucharan’s concert just 3 days earlier and here I was hearing it for the second time in quick succession.  (Snippet: When I looked up the lyrics, I saw that the padham was originally composed in the ragam Saurashtram) Arun sang this padham as if he was in a dance concert and showed myriad variations at every line of the padham.  I was reminded of Kamal’s facial expressions in Viswaroopam 1 for the song ‘unnai kaanadhu naan’ when I heard and watched Arun especially during this piece.  Arun is known for his bhavam and he used an abrupt break at the end of the phrase “vaasal mun nillano” to bring the effect of the lyrics.

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