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Ramakrishnan Murthy sang brilliantly at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha. Raised in California and settled in Chennai to pursue his passion for music, he sang some rare songs for the evening. He was accompanied by Smt Charumathi Raguram on the violin, Manoj Siva on the Mridangam and Madipakkam Murali on the Ghatam.

Ramakrishnan Murthy heralded the concert with a pada varnam Suma Sayaka in Karnataka Kapi, a rarely heard composition of Swati Tirunal in rupaka talam with its lilting swara segments. This was followed by a Nattai raga krithi , “Pavanathamajagacha paripoorna”, a Dikshithar krithi in Jampa thalam.

Ramakrishnan delighted with an aalapanai in Shuddha Bangala and went to sing the famous Rama Bhakthi. The brisk swaras at Rama bhakthi were a good follow through. He then moved to capture the audience mood with a quick sketch of Kambhodi to sing the famous “Maa Jaanaki”. This was almost like a “listener’s choice” kriti as it evoked a lot of happy smiles from the audience when he began this song after his raga essay. An extensive niraval and bright swara sections at “vani maata lencu” completed the rendition. Packing in a lot through a 2 hour concert is challenging. Ram did that with ease when he continued with an unhurried Ragam Thanam Pallavi in Kalyani. With well structured Thanam and Pallavi, “Un darisanam kidaikkumo Nataraja daya nidhe”, Ram further showcased his mastery over the classical form of RTP. The swara presentation  in ragamalika comprising of Kaanada, Sahana and Darbari Kaanada forward and in reverse order were a good treat to wrap this RTP up. Post RTP, the concert had Ram render Narayana Theerthar’s composition “Govardhana Giridhara”, Darbari Kaanada, and  “Oorile kaani illai” followed by “Vanga kadal kadaintha” in Surutti to wrap the concert.

Charumathi Raguram on the violin was an apt ally for Ram. With her beautiful swaras in Kambodhi and Shudha Bangala she further enhanced the musical enjoyment for listeners.

The laya aspect of the concert was in able hands with Manoj Siva and Madippakkam Murali and it enriched the concert further by providing the right tonal and rhythmic embellishments to Ram’s rendition.

In total, a very satisfying and a peaceful concert.

Ramakrishna is an artist certainly to be looked for. His well structured presentation, selection of krithis are some commendable is bound to go places!

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