Source:; Photo Courtesy: M. Vedhan

Four outstanding artistes who left a mark of excellence in their chosen field were conferred titles under the auspices of the Brahma Gana Sabha on Tuesday. Carnatic maestro Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna conferred the honorific of ‘Gaana Padhmam’ on vocalist Sanjay Subramanyan, ‘Naatya Padhmam’ on Bharatanatyam exponent C.V. Chandrasekar, ‘Naataka Padhmam’ on theatre thespian Kovai K. Padmanabhan and ‘Vaadhya Padhmam’ on percussionist Trichy R. Thayumanavan. Dr. Balamuralikrishna, who also launched the December Art Festival of the Brahma Gana Sabha, said such was his happy state on being chosen to confer the titles on a stage of the Sabha that he was completely at a loss for words.

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Carnatic maestro Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna and Nalli Kuppusami Chetti, president, Brahma Gana Sabha, with the awardees: C.V. Chandrasekar; Trichy R. Thayumanavan; Sanjay Subramanyan and Kovai K. Padmanabhan. Photo: M. Vedhan