Source: The Hindu; Author: Swathi; Photo Courtesy: M. Periasamy

The Gokulashtami-Navarathri Music Festival 2012, organised by Manoranjitham at the Sree Ayyappan Puja Sangham, Ram Nagar, Coimbatore, began with Sreevalson’s kutcheri. The artist started with ‘Sami Ninne’ varnam in Sree Ragam in durita kalam followed by ‘Merusamaana’ (Mayamalava gowla) with niraval and swaras. His instinctive grasp of the finer nuances in the presentation of the kritis, ‘Veera Hanumathe,’ ‘Sree Krishnam Bhaja Manasa’ and the Hamirkalyani kriti, ‘Gaanalola,’ with negotiation of the octaves from the base to the crescendo and the descending glides in the successive jarus with nonchalant ease demonstrated his performance skill. The number, ‘Gaanalola Neelabhaga,’ breathed eternal fragrance and the enchanting sancharas in Saveri, Sahana, Husseni and Binnashadjam had all the qualities of a well composed symphony.

At the second day’s concert, which featured the recital of Ranjani and Gayathri, the duo began their musical session with the Pantuvarali varnam, ‘Sami Ninne’ followed by Dikshitar’s ‘Sri Parthasarathy’ in Suddhadhanyasi with a crisp round of swaras setting the recital on the right keel.

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Scintillating Alapana: Ranjani and Gayatri. Photo: M. Periasamy