Source: The Hindu; Author: Kuldeep Kumar

Ustad Vilayat Husain Khan, the Agra gharana stalwart, taught a number of stellar names in Hindustani music. His 50th death anniversary was observed fittingly with concerts in New Delhi recently. His son Yunus Husain Khan emerged as an authentic torch bearer of the Agra gharana but he too passed away prematurely some years ago. Dr. Karan Singh inaugurated the concert that featured vocalist Yashpaul, a disciple of both Vilayat Husain Khan and Yunus Husain Khan, and sitar player Sharmishtha Ghosh. Fateh Muhammad Khan and Kamal Sabri provided accompaniment to Yashpaul on tabla and sarangi respectively while Subhash Nirvan accompanied Sharmishtha Ghosh on tabla.

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Pandit Yashpaul in concert.