Source: The Hindu; Author: V. Kaladharan; Photo Courtesy: H.Vibhu

Way back in the sixties it was unimaginable for a girl from the Gaudasaraswat community to get trained in a dance form like Mohiniyattom, which still carried a kind of stigma in the middle class milieu of those times. Braving all odds, Sugandhi, who hails from Thuravoor village of Alappuzha district, enrolled at Kerala Kalamandalam. She soon became the beloved disciple of Kalamandalam Satyabhama, the doyenne of Mohiniyattom, Bharatanatyam maestro A.R.R. Bhaskar, and Kuchipudi expert, Kalamandalam Chandrika Menon.

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Mohiniyattom dancer Kalamandalam Sugandhi. Photo: H.Vibhu