Margazhi team is really excited to know that the RAMAYANA Series – a collaborative choreography covering every Kandam of the Ramayana is now being performed during the Margazhi festival. Venue is The Krishna Gana Sabha. This was initially staged in Cleveland for the Thyagaraja Aradhana festival 2011.

Photo courtesy: Sumithra Subramanian - Ramayana Series @ Cleveland

The Program list is as follows:

14th Dec – Bala kandam
15th Dec – Ayodhya kandam
16th Dec – Aranyakandam
17th Dec – Kishkindha kandam
18th Dec – Sundarakandam
19th Dec – Yuddhakandam

All programs start at 7.30pm and are ticketed shows. Contact The Krishna Gana Sabha for details / tickets availability.

Watch this space for updates on this program.