Source: The Hindu; Author: T. K. Ganapathy; Photo Courtesy: M. Periasamy

A dual music programme by young talents from the U.S. – master Sudarshan Mohan and Shashank Subramanian – Shruti Subramanian – featured by Upasana took place at Sri Kothandaramar temple, Ramnagar, Coimbatore. The numbers rendered with a powerful voice by Sudarshan Mohan revealed his talent in alapanas, niraval and kalpanaswaras. The artist’s consummate command over laya was evident in ‘Pavanathmaja’ in Nattai followed by ‘Orajupuju’ in Kalyani with a pleasing niraval at ‘Himadrisuthe.’ His elaboration of Bhairavi for the kriti, ‘Koluvai’ with imaginative sangatis, revealed his vidwat.

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Enjoyable: Shashank Subramaniam and Shruthi Subramaniam. Photo: M. Periasamy