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A new dimension to Carnatic music was added on Sunday when Ganakalabhushana Vidwan R K Padmanabha began his three-hour long concert with a thilana composition that as the Vidwan himself said gave wider scope for manodharma. Composed by the Vidwan himself, it set the pace and trend for rest of the unique concert. Although the concert pattern was not different, it followed a bit of Hindustani style. In fact it was a combination of both Tarana (Hindustani style) and Thilana which has been never tried before. “The swaras, the tat kal created a new experiment which one does not usually see in a Carnatic music concert,”said the well known artiste from the music village of Rudrapatna.

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R K Padmanabha, who performed at seventh annual Deepotsava concert tested the boundaries of tradition with his new style of rendering the concert.