Source: The Hindu; Author: Venkatesan Srikanth; Photo Courtesy: K. Ananthan

The Vishnu Sahasranama Satsangam, R.K. Puram, of late, has been including full-fledged Carnatic music concerts of youngsters in their religious programmes. Recently, the Satsangam organised a vocal concert of the Chennai-based Nisha Rajagopalan as part of the one-day deepa puja and Lalitha Sahasranama parayanam. Nisha, justifying fully the organisation’s choice of young talents, revealed the depth of heir musical talents and delighted the devotees and music lovers with some well-presented songs. The very first presentation, an Adi tala varnam in raga Kedaragowla, which Nisha presented in two speeds with a riveting kalaparamanam (tempo), was indicative that many more delightful songs would be coming up. Nisha lived up to expectations.

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Nisha Rajagopalan. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar