One of our fans had written to us asking for information and links about artist Annapurna Deviji. In this article from the Indian Express we take a look into her life and her journey in the field of music.

Source: The  Indian Express; Author: Suanshu Khurana

He used to say that every note you play should touch one’s soul. She practiced what he taught her as a form of meditation or prayer. Like her father, it’s as a guru that she identifies herself now—among her famous students are Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia and Nikhil Banerjee. “I don’t feel I have deprived people of my music since I freely taught whatever I learnt from Baba to my disciples,” she writes. She teaches her small class the sitar, the flute, the sarod and vocal music though not the surbahar— they are not even manufactured anymore. Read more on this article.

Below is a link to a performance by Annapurnaji.