Source: The Hindu; Author: G. Swaminathan; Photo Courtesy: R. Shivaji Rao

It was an unusual concert. It began with Dikshitar’s Mayamalavagowla kriti ‘Sri Nathadi Guruguho’ and ended with a Siddhar’s verses in ragamalika. There was the main raga Sankarabharanam for Tyagaraja’s ‘Manasu Swadheena’ with niraval and swaras on ‘Tanavu Tanukadhani’ and sub-main Manirangu for Tyagaraja’s ‘Ra Nidhi Raadhu’ with swaras. Other compositions featured were of Purandaradasa, Bharatiar and Jayadeva, among others. So what was ‘unusual’ about ‘Geetha Vedantham’? Well, it was high philosophy expounded through Carnatic music in the voice of N. Vijay Siva. Vijay Siva started with a prologue on the concept of Vedanta. He, in fact, said it is not frightening as everyone believes; in fact, it is a user friendly and a practical policy to lead a blissful life.

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Vijay Siva. Photo: R. Shivaji Rao