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A regal raga that is auspicious, commanding and exuding veera ira(heroic) rasa, is Kedaram. This raga is suited for singing in the mornings. In yesteryears, dramas and religious discourses often opened with a sprightly piece in Kedaram. Kedaram brings forth joy, being mood enhancing and uplifting.Nat Behag of Hindustani music closely resembles Kedaram. The Aarohana-Avarohana of this raga is SMGMPNS / SNPMGRS. The Gandhara is absent in ascent, and the Dhaivata is absent in both ascent and descent. It is a vakra raga owing to zig-zag patterns in Aarohana. The notes featuring in Kedaram are Sadja, Antara Gandhara, Suddha Madhyama, Pancama, and Kakali Nishada.

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