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Parveen Begum Smruti Music and Educational Trust had organised a two-day Hindustani Classical music festival at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore recently. The festival was indeed a magnificent musical tribute to the late Ustad Abdul Khadar Khan, Pt. Basavaraj Bendigeri and the late Parveen Begum, wife of the eminent Hindustani classical vocalist and sarangi virtuoso Ustad Faiyaz Khan.

The grand climax of the music festival was the much awaited vocal recital by Ustad Faiyaz Khan. His moving rendition of devaranama by Purandara Dasa “Daariya toro mukunda” in raga Charukeshi and the concluding Bhajan “Jo bhaje Hari ko Sada” in Bhairavi exuded a note of intimate appeal and ‘madhura bhakti’ making it a spiritually uplifting experience.

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Many young musicians performed to a lot of promise