Source: The Hindu; Author: Rupa Srikanth; Photo Courtesy: S. S. Kumar

Vidhya Subramanian presented her recital at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha. Her trademark technique was an ultra-feminine lasya style that she carried with dignity and depth. The best came in the Ghanam Iyer padam, ‘Unnai Thoodanuppinen’ (Saveri, Adi) which speaks of a friend’s betrayal. The nattuvanar is one of the best of the younger crop and his guidance was invaluable on the orchestral dais. While the mridangam player lent his support for the dancer, the attentive violinist (Eshwar Ramakrishnan) and melodious vocalist (Shweta Sriram) coordinated well.

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Vidhya Subramaniam. Photo: S.S. Kumar