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Music, dance and theatre in Chennai have seen a lot of changes over the years. But as the Margazhi season grips the city, youngsters seem to shun everything from clubbing, rock shows and zumba classes to movies and go traditional in every manner. The city’s youngsters agree that the season has only gotten bigger and better every year and this trend continues as there are many young rasikas.

While the nuances of classical music and dance are alien to Jaison Baskar, an NRI student, he’s still planning to attend a few sabhas this year with a few friends just for the sheer joy of heading to the performances clad in traditional kurta and veshti. Says Jaison, “I don’t get to attend an event like this or dress up this way every other day. And it’s not just for the music and dance that people come to sabhas — there’s traditional food that is the highlight of the season. Elai saapadu, adai, podi dosai, variety rice — there are a plenty of choices and both rasikas and non-rasikas throng the food stalls outside sabhas.”

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