Source: The Hindu; Author: Leela Venkatrama; Photo Courtesy: The Hindu

The National Centre for Performing Arts in Mumbai played host to a unique synthesis of Odissi and Sri Lanka’s Kandyan dance. There were also a seminar and open discussion forum addressing major issues on “Dance Matters: Content, Context, Core”, and performances presenting “Samyoga”, an Odissi duet by Surupa Sen and Bijayini Satpathy, and “Samhara: The Braid”, a blend of The Nrityagram Dance Ensemble and Chitrasena Dance Company, visualised by Surupa Sen. The cross-cultural interaction was made to look natural, almost inevitable, so minutely were the details of movement and Pandit Raghunath Panigrahi’s brilliantly simple but utterly befitting score worked out. Each form retained its own space and identity without compromising in any way. None of the painstaking research and hard work would have paid off without two delightful Kandyan dancers in Thaji Dias and Mitilani Gunasinghe, who matched the professionalism of the Nrityagram dancers.

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Threefold grace: Pavitra Reddy, Bijoyini Satpathi and Surupa Sen in performance. File photo: A.M. Faruqui