Source: The Hindu; Author: Soma Basu; Photo Courtesy: S. James

R.G.A. Sivarama Ganesan is rather reserved and reticent. At 12, he surprises you with his calm and maturity. After much prodding, he breaks into a coy smile to say, “I speak only with my thavil.” His eyes constantly follow the fingers of percussionists, wherever he finds them. Ganesan grew up being part and parcel of a music parampara. His grandfather R. Govindaraj and father R.G. Aladi Aruna are thavil artistes and his mother Krishnaveni plays the nadaswaram. Used in temple, folk and Carnatic music, thavil is a barrel-shaped drum from South India always accompanying the nadaswaram.

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Musical prodigy: R.G.A. Sivarama Ganesan. Photo: S. James