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Sindhubhairavi is one of the most interesting and colourful of ragas. A melange of swaras finds it way into this accommodative raga. Sindhubhairavi is a derivative of the Asavari thaat, and the conventional Aarohana / Avarohana being SRGMDNS / SNDPMGRS. The raga features the Sadja, Suddha and Chatusruti Rishabha, Suddha Madhyama (and Prati Madhyama in special phrases), Pancama, Suddha Dhaivata (and Chatusruti Dhaivata in special phrases), Kaisiki Nishada (and Kakali Nishada too), in fact, almost everything! This raga is suited for lighter pieces, exudes bhakti and sringara rasas, and could melt mountains.

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