Source:; Author: Hareesh N Nampoothiri; Photo Courtesy: Hareesh N Nampoothiri

Onam is a time when the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram is filled with a lot of cultural activities and it is always hard to pick one from the handful of programs happening simultaneously at different venues. For those who chose to come for the concluding event of ‘Ponnonakkazhcha,’ one of the major segment of this year’s Onam celebrations, had a wonderful time watching the Bharatanatyam recital of Kruthika B. Jayakumar. Kruthika jumped in the air, spun on the floor and covered the length and breadth of the stage as she sketched the beautiful choreographic patterns based on the Vazhuvoor school of Bharatanatyam, set by her guru Mithun Shyam.

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