karnatik.com, a carnatic music website, and Melio Systems, a web and mobile application development company based in Chennai, have partnered to offer a series of smartphone apps covering diverse aspects of carnatic music including lyrics, ragas, trivia, and more. They hope to bring carnatic music information within reach of rasikas, students, and teachers wherever they might go.

We are sharing with you a note from the developers below:

The first application in the series is the free Android app karnATik TyAgaraja Lite, which can be downloaded here at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.melio.karnatiktyagaraja. Future apps will expand to cover more songs, composers, platforms and have enhanced features. We are committed to promoting carnatic music with a mix of free and affordably priced apps containing a charitable component. We hope that this series of apps will enable users to look up songs at concerts, refer to information during classes, practice with audio and lyrics at home, sing along at music festivals, or simply delve deeper into the world of carnatic music.