JYOTIR GAMAYA is a production inspired by the book JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL by Richard Bach. This is the story of a seagull who thought differently from the rest of his flock. Bored by the day-to-day squabbles over food and frustrated with the meaningless materialism, conformity and limitations of a seagull life, Jonathan believed that there was a higher purpose to life than eating and fighting. Seized with a passion for flight he soars into the skies, experimenting with all kinds of flight. Eventually his failure to adhere to the monotonous and limited tradition of a gull’s life leads to conflict with his flock and he is cast out of the gull society. Jonathan is depressed, not as much by his solitude as by the fact that the other gulls refused to believe that there was more to life than the mundane slogging back and forth for food. Undeterred, Jonathan however persists in his efforts to fly higher. When he feels that he could fly no higher, he is met by two radiant seagulls who take him in their fold and lead him to the elder gull who reveals to him the highest truths of life and flight-the truth that the soul is an unlimited idea of freedom not bound by any thing. Jonathan also learnt that the spirit cannot be truly free without the ability to forgive. Remembering the parting words of his teacher to keep working on love Jonathan returns to the breakfast flock as a teacher to share with them his love, knowledge and experience.

Jyotir gamaya, produced and choreographed by Smt Jayanthi Subramaniam with music composed by Sri Rajkumar Bharathi is an attempt to capture through the idiom of music and dance-the pursuit of excellence, the idea that constant practice leads to perfection, the beautiful bondage between the teacher and the taught, the supreme virtues of life, love, forgiveness, compassion and above all freedom to be what you want breaking free from limitations of the body and mind.

See the video to know more about this interesting classical dance production and catch their shows this Margazhi in Chennai.

jyotir gamaya