Source:; Author: Veejay Sai; Photo Courtesy: Santosh Bankapur 

On the last day of the famous Kinkini festival, Bangalore’s very own Praveen Kumar presented ‘Pandharpur,’ a choreographic work on the famous holy town in Maharashtra. While knowing the tale and myth is one side of the story, adapting it and putting together a dance presentation is yet another challenge.  Opening with Adi Shankara’s famous ‘Pandurangashtakam,’ Praveen’s abhinayam was fresh and innovative. Every time a stanza ended with ‘Parabrahma lingam bhaje Pandurangam’, the performance increased in its intensity. The second part of the presentation dealt with the story of Saint Namdev. Praveen returned with a Maharashtrian turban adorning his head and a tambura around his waist, singing ‘Panduranga Vitthala Pandharinatha Vittlaha’.

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