Source: The Hindu; Author: Rupa Srikanth; Photo Courtesy: R.Ragu

Natyarangam’s annual thematic festival is an important cultural event for every Bharatanatyam enthusiast in Chennai. It seeks to promote young talent while widening the scope of the Bharatanatyam repertoire. In its 16th edition titled ‘Baandhava Bharatham,’ (August 19-25), the focus is on relationships. What an apt choice for Prof. C.V. Chandrasekhar to play the guru in the ‘Guru-Sishya’ Bharatanatyam presentation! With his majestic presence, his scholarship and dignity, he embodied the spirit of the role to such an extent that it looked less a performance and more a natural state of being. His sishya, multi-faceted dancer Sibi Sudarsan, responded to the guru’s presence with befitting reverence to make the 90-minute show an experience. No wonder they received a standing ovation in the end.

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C.V. Chandrasekhar and Sibi Sudarsan performing Guru-Sishya. Photo:R.Ragu