Source: The Hindu; Author: Leela Venkataraman; Photo Courtesy: V. Ganesan

From conventional Bharatanatyam to a face-to-face between Sita and Draupadi and a comparison of Indian and Sri Lankan dance forms, Delhi saw a range of performances. Stripped of all the cushioning of the usual genre of items of the Bharatanatyam repertoire, “Face-to-Face”, woven round the eternal epic heroines Sita and Draupadi, was presented before a packed Chinmaya auditorium. Conceptualised, scripted and choreographed by Bharatanatyam dancer Jyotsna Shourie and presented by students of her centre, the production in an hour and 15 minute capsule caught the highlights of two vastly different myths of contrasting tones of Dharma and Adharma pertaining to two different ages.

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Anuradha Venkataraman Photo: V. Ganesan