Source: The Hindu; Author: Nita Vidyarthi

Magnificent style, confidence, stunning execution, devotion and love for Indian dance are embedded in Bharatanatyam dancer-scholar Ganna Smirnova from Keiv, Ukraine. “I was offered an ICCR scholarship by Indian Embassy in 1996 for the first time but could not manage to leave my parents alone. After a gap of two years, I accepted it to take a new chart of my life entirely afresh without any expectation from the future but totally surrendered by the soul to this art called Bharatanatyam” she says. Metaphysics of this dance in her opinion is the understanding the existence of divine forces and in the process of dancing she not only communicates with them but also feels them inside her — the transformation of energy and consciousness, as a result.

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Pursuing a passion: Ganna Smirnova.