Source: The Hindu; Author: B. Ramadevi

Mahathi has evolved a style of her own though her alapanas, swarakalpanas and her style of rendering show flashes of resemblance to the styles of her gurus – M. Balamurali Krishna, T.N. Seshagopalan and O.S. Thyagarajan. The theme was ‘Krishna Ganam’ and Mahathi began with the varnam, ‘Entho Prematho Ne Pilachithe’ in Surutti by Thiruvottriyur Tyagaiyar. The sprightly ‘Swagatham Krishna’ in Mohanam was followed by Tyagaraja’s ‘Venugaana Loluni’ in Kedaragowla. ‘Sonnaal Ozhiya Manam Kelaadhe’ and ‘Eppadithaan Ennullam Pugundhennai’ were lovely with their charming lyrics.

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Vintage fare: Mahathi.