Source: The Hindu; Author: V. Nagaraj

Vasudha Keshava sang under the auspices of Ganabharathi (Mysore), accompanied by Veena Suresh (violin), A. Radhesh (mridanga) and V.S. Ramesh (ghata). The event marked the 100th birthday celebration of the veteran musician Puttaramappa, disciple of Asthana Vidvan Shivarudrappa. Prior to the main show, the veteran sang for a while. It was a rare and memorable experience to hear the centenarian, whose chords, though of frail constitution, did not fail; and the audience whole-heartedly enjoyed Thyagaraja’s ‘Ela Ni Dayaradu’ (Athana) emerging with astounding vitality. He prefaced the composition with a short alapana, and presented it with magisterial accentuations wherever it was necessary to augment the grandeur nested in the composition and the majesty that characterised Athana as well. His deep sense of artistry readily harmonised with the overall musical scenario in its entirety.

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