The 165th aradhana of the saint composer was celebrated recently at the Government Music College, Tiruvaiyaru. G.Srinivasan pens down a brief summary of the festival, for The Hindu.

The Unchavriti procession in progress in connection with the 165th Tyagaraja aradhana in Thanjavur. Photo: B. Velankanni Raj for The Hindu

The aradhana of saint composer, Tyagaraja, was held recently at the Government Music College, Tiruvaiyaru, under the auspices of Thanjavur Pankajam A.K.Naidu Trust.

Violin duo – R. Ganesh and R. Kumaresh – paid homage to the saint composer on the occasion. They said that “‘Guru’ means one who shows the ‘Gunam and Rupam’ to the disciples. Tyagaraja is a ‘sath guru.’ Everyone believes that his music is only traditional. But he was a path breaker in the field of Carnatic music. He tried many innovations such as fusion,” they said.

They hoped the students of the Government Music College would become eminent musicians in the future. Read full article here.