Source: Deccan Herald; Photo Courtesy: The Hindu

Padmashri awardee danseuse Geeta Chandran will premiere her new abstract dance work Gandhi: Warp and Weft at the New Convention Centre at JNU, come August 17.
The performance is part of the Gandhirama Festival and an international conference organised by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research. Gandhi: Warp and Weft explores key concepts from Gandhian philosophy through the narrative lens of a female dancer in the 21st century.
Explaining the concept, Geeta says, “The choreography plays with ideology through abstract movement as well as narrative gestures, and incorporates both classical Bharatanatyam as well as contemporary movement theatre in its physical vocabulary. The performance comprises six concepts interpreted through dance that flows contiguously from one to the other. The first concept is religious unity, and is connected to the deep reliance on spiritual syncretism that Mahatma Gandhi propagated.”

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Geeta Chandran. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar