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A raga that is intense and brings forth the bhakthi rasa with verve is Poorvikalyani. A beautiful arrangement of notes makes this raga stand tall, rising above being a mere skeletal scale to something more complete and having personality. Poorvikalyani is derived from the 53rd Melakarta Gamanasrama and in Dikshitar’s nomenclature, Poorvikalyani is known as Gamakakriya. The Aarohana / Avarohana of this raga is a debatable issue but the widely accepted convention is SRGMPDPS / SNDPMGRS. It is a vakra raga, audava-sampoorna in scale (having six notes in ascent and all the seven in descent). The notes present in Poorvikalyani apart from the Sadja and Pancama include Suddha Rishabha, Antara Gandhara, Prati Madhyama, Chatusruti Dhaivata, and Kakali Nishada. This raga is suited for singing after dusk and makes the mind calm and meditative.

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