Source: The Hindu; Author: Ranee Kumar; Photo Courtesy: V. Raju

Some musicians have the art of drawing in the audience minutes into their concert; some warm up after considerable time. Modumudi Sudhakar’s recital fell into the second category. It was replete with popular kritis and ragas with varied composers and talams. Yet there was something missing and as we waited patiently for that magic to happen, going by his reputation as a singer. Well it did with the ragam, tanam, pallavi in Karaharapriya. An in-depth alapana set the mood with the tanam providing the stimulus. The audience wallowed in the raga vistaram relishing the cadence of what followed and the pallavi was a carefully crafted piece in praise of the Paramacharya of Kanchi, in keeping with the occasion of his jayanthi celebrations. Kanchi paramacharya devam Chandrasekharam…scaled the three octaves steadily with Sudhakar exhibiting his full command over the medium. The improvisation embellished the pallavi in its full potency.

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Modumudi Sudhakar. Photo: V. Raju